A Community Focused Minecraft Server

Solavark is a small but brand new 1.13 RPG survival community server, and is currently in Beta. To keep you entertained it offers various plugins such as SlimeFun and Jobs, and has a simple server GUI, which gives players instant access to kits, Warps, Infobooks, and much more. You can create your own town or city whilst using the towny plugin to claim your land, and you can set up your own shop, and start trading with other players. Players who contribute to the server and play often and abide by the rules get their own warp at spawn. So if you like building in survival and just doing some exploring then this server is for you! Please go to https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/solavark/ to view current pictures and vote for the server!

Please be aware that Solavark's maximum player limit is 16-20 players only until, that is, and depending upon finances, the server can be expanded to the next tier.

Solavark is EULA compliant and relies entirely on your voluntary donations in exchange for in-game perks. Currently we are only accepting PayPal payments. Your donation keeps the server at the highest tier possible as well as ensuring players get the plugins that they would like to see. Please donate generously. To view the available perks and VIP options please consult the Infobook menu in the server gui and find the Donors Book. Please make your donation via PayPal payable to https://paypal.me/Titanzhang. As soon as we receive and confirm your payment and your paypal details, you will be granted the perks as soon as possible. Please ensure your payment amount exactly matches the VIP option you have chosen. Any amount that does not exactly match any of the VIP options and is greater than the final VIP option will be considered a custom donation, but you will still need to confirm your prefered VIP option along with your paypal details. Please contact us at solavark@hotmail.com with the details to confirm you have made a payment to begin the process. Note: we cannot make refunds if you have made the wrong choice or you decide you want to reduce the donation.

To become a player on Solavark simply connect to the server using the following address:


Please be aware that in Solavark's early launch stage, players may not be able to get onto the server as the limit capacity may have been reached. The more players donate, the better the server can upgrade, the more players can join at their prefered time! Note also that due to lack of staff and players the server will be down from midnight UK time, and will be back up later on the next day. The times will vary. A timetable will be created once we have aquired staff and regular players. The best time to join and play will be from 6pm UK time till midnight.

Contact Solavark.com