A Community Focused Minecraft Server

Solavark is a small but brand new 1.13 survival-based community-focused server, and is currently in Beta. To keep you entertained it offers various plugins such as SlimeFun, Jobs, and Dynmap, and more as they become available. Solavark has an easy-to-use server GUI, which gives players instant access to Warps, kits, Infobooks, and much more. Create your own town and claim your land. Set up your very own shop with signs and start trading with other players. Players who contribute to the server, play often, and abide by the rules get their very own warp at the world spawn. So if you like building in survival and just doing some exploring and being part of a close community then this server is definately for you!

To become a player on Solavark simply load up your Minecraft game, ensure you have the latest Java Minecraft version, and connect to the server using the following address:


Once you become a member of our community you can connect with us on Solavark Discord by copying and pasting this invite link into your web browser:


View our Dynmap!

Got questions? Contact Solavark.com