A Community Focused Minecraft Server


Here on Solavark we observe and follow some rules to make Solavark into a community that players want to play in - without rules it would be chaos! You can find some of these rules in-game by typing /einfo globalrules into the chat.

  1. Killing or attacking a player with the intent to cause distress is not allowed.
  2. No unauthorised modifications.
  3. No hacks or exploits (includes x-ray) or cheating allowed.
  4. Do not build machines that lag the server.
  5. Offensive content or structures will be demolished.
  6. Do not advertise unless it directly relates to the server.
  7. Only have one account per player.
  8. Do not spam chat or send links to porn sites or other graphic content. Use English language in chat only.
  9. Verbal abuse to staff and other players will not be tolerated.
  10. Do not impersonate another player or another member of staff.

Gameplay pointers for new and existing players

  1. Please protect your property or otherwise players may wish to loot your possessions and grief your builds, and that behaviour is not against the rules.
  2. Be aware that outside of the spawnzone you may be attacked by other players at any time; this is not considered harassment but part of the normal gameplay here on Solavark. Note: if killed you will not lose your items, but you will lose xp!
  3. On Solavark all claims will be lost after 31 days period of inactivity.
  4. Nether and The End are reset periodically.
  5. To prevent server lag we have lowered the mob cap - but still enough to do some mob grinding.
  6. AFK kick occurs for players after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Got questions? Contact Solavark.com